We have programs designed for corporations as well as individuals.

Cancer Care and Support

The Workplace

Individuals and their caregivers face disruptive stresses that affect engagement at work, meanwhile, the pressures increase on the company with loss of productivity, insurance costs, distraction and risks to the company. MG Wellness will align the employee and the employer goals thus increasing savings, productivity, and decrease health expenditures. MG Wellness provides four levels of care for the employer/employee relationship.  


Over the last decade, research has shown the leading cause of death among firefighters is cancer. The repeated exposure of carcinogens can play a significant role in these diagnoses. MG Wellness works together with Fire Departments and their unions to track exposures and risks of potential related diseases. Through education, advocacy, support and nutrition, MG Wellness will provide invaluable resources to the firefighter and their caregivers. When you choose us, you join a community.

Health and Wellness  Through Plant Based Protein

While a plant-based whole-food diet is the best option overall, we don’t have time make 3 organic, fresh farm-to-table meals everyday. There are plans that can help that provide nutrient dense foods and are amazingly reasonable in cost. Be aware of many plans that are not truly healthy, are not complete and are more expensive. Arbonne has one of the only complete plans and it is amazingly reasonable in cost. Other plans we’ve checked out were either not truly healthy, not complete or more expensive. We have changed our lifestyle to follow this and become healthier versions of ourselves! Join us on our Journey to Health!