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MG Wellness Presents:

“How to Live My Best Life with Cancer”

Cancer is hard. We can help.

A self-paced learning platform with social media Q&A’s and a digital community of specialists and board-certified oncologists. Dr. Kelly Manahan and her husband, Dr. John Geisler, are both experienced oncologists with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry, including university and private hospitals. They also have additional business degrees as well as training in functional medicine.
After seeing critical gaps in traditional medicine, they launched MG Wellness in 2019 as a bridge devoted to bringing help to employees in the marketplace walking through a cancer journey. MG Wellness has designed an active disease management platform for employees with cancer or employees who are caregivers.
Active disease management platforms have been shown in other chronic diseases (heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes) to decrease rapidly rising healthcare costs for employers. This platform has a multi-pronged, multimedia approach, including social media interaction, remote learning to improve health literacy, and telehealth visits with providers at the point of care. This would allow any employer to transform cancer care in the marketplace. This is the first active disease management platform for cancer anywhere in the US.