About Us

MG Wellness has created a multi-media, multi-pronged platform to allow corporations to transform cancer care in the marketplace. This solution is the first of its kind active disease management platform for caregivers and those who have cancer in the workplace.

What We Do

Our platform is designed to meet your needs. It includes an ongoing update of online education materials that is delivered in understandable, bite-sized segments and is relevant for all learning styles. Not only does this program empower employees, it also provides the employer with cost containment solutions for the rapidly rising costs associated with a cancer journey. The return on investment is stunning.

Our Story

We are experienced passionate oncologists with over 40 combined years of clinical experience devoted to bringing much needed help to employees in the marketplace walking through a cancer journey.

During our careers, we have often been frustrated by the cumbersome nature of healthcare delivery. Specifically, we have identified a huge void in health care benefits related to those walking through a cancer journey. Workplace support (either in the form of education of healthcare benefits) for those in this difficult predicament is lacking. We have also observed critical gaps in cancer care. Time between treatment visits is often complicated by side effects, unanswered questions, and lack of communication with the medical team.


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This results in frustration, fear, and even unnecessary visits to urgent care or, worse, unnecessary admission to the hospital. These problems not only lead to lack of engagement and extraordinary work distraction for the employee who has cancer or for the employee who is a cancer caregiver, but these problems also result in enormous cost for the employer.

Dr. John and Dr. Kelly have always prioritized patient well-being and empowerment through clear communication and education. This results in patients who do better, are happier, and are more engaged while walking through a cancer journey. Because of their passion to find a solution for these critical obstacles, Dr. John and Dr. Kelly began designing a multi-pronged, multi-media platform in 2019. This program solves the incredible needs of the employee while bringing much needed cost containment for the employer. And, in the end, this results in grateful and committed employees who are thankful for a caring company to provide them with much needed relief, help, and encouragement.

Our Goal

We're Here to Help

Because of their passion for health and education, Dr. John and Dr. Kelly have recently become certified functional medicine providers. In addition to their traditional medical training, they now also provide services that strive to get to the root cause of a person’s health challenges.

Their own personal health journey became the inspiration for the training and now they want to pass that along to others who are facing health issues for which there seem to be no answers.

Are you tired of being told that there is no solution? Are you tired of being given yet another medication? Are you exhausted from combating side effects of medications? If you continue doing what you’re doing, will it give you a better result? Are you ready to make a change?

If these are questions you have been asking yourself, MG Wellness through Dr. John and Dr. Kelly would love to help you!

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